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I recently had the pleasure of spending time at the Camelot rooming house in Salt Lake City, I was working on a project for Sarcos a medical and robots research group at the Univ of Utah. I live in California and travel a lot, so the idea of spending months in a hotel just wasn't what I wanted. I had never looked for a rooming house but knowing I was going to be near the Univ I thought I would just give it a try.
While looking through I found a posting for the Camelot, I bounced a few e-mails back and forth with Arthur. After a few more phone calls I thought why not, so I moved in and I have to say it turned out better then I had hoped. The people were friendly the location could not have been better, within a few blocks there is just about everything you could want, shopping, restaurants, parks, light rail, a "GREAT" city library, and my favorite two excellent coffee bars. If you have never been Salt Lake like me the city is very walker and transit friendly, which makes the location of the Camelot excellent. I had driven a car out but could have done without it.
That other stuff you might want to know Arthur the owner lives on site and is a very up-front guy, it's the kind of place your mother would approve of.
I would recommended this anyone needing to spend time in Salt Lake, I know that if he has space Arthur will rent rooms for a few days I think he is listed in the Hostel Guild.
" -Thomas R. Tilton

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"Hey I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for being not only a great landlord, but also a great friend and a great role model. I will always remember you as someone who has a great business mind, and a great personality. You are awesome!! ...You always care about the well being of your tenants and that's very commendable. Thank you for looking out for my well being." -Ben Harrison

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"...Your place looks fantastic. It is a little scary to have to look for a place to stay over the Internet, and your website does a great job of showing what you have to offer. Thanks for the quick response." -David Albers

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About Us
August 23, 2006, TV interview.

Watch the video in wmv format or read the article.

Listen to Christian Rapp's testimonial, Germany/Mexico.

NOTE: This building has been renovated, click here to see picture.
Address 165 West 800 South Main Street, Salt Lake City, Utah 84101.
Membership We are members of the Salt Lake City Visitor's Center (Salt Palace).
Arthur Graduated from Ricks College (BYU Idaho) and Brigham Young University (BYU Provo) in engineering, advertising, and business. Speaks four languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, and some French.

Traveled to the following countries: Mozambique, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Portugal, England, Spain, France, Czech Republic, and Germany.Started in the year 2000 specializing in roommate services. He's like a roommate finder- he can help you find a perfect roommate that matches your lifestyle and values.

He is one of the few landlords who accepts credit card payments and who started a revolutionary method of "self check-in" which allows tenants and travelers to check-in and check-out at their convenience without needing an in-house staff member to help them move in.


John and Isabel are Arthur's parents- they help Arthur run the family business.



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