1) What are the nearest crossroads to where you live?
2) New in town or established? (living here for a long time, or new?)
3) What occupation do you have now?
4) Experience?
5) What work references do you have that we can call?
6) No criminal record or drub problems?
7) Have means of transportation do you have?
8) Have a cell? Can phone receive text messages?
9) When can you start working?
10) Availability for interview?

Kaysville helper needed- teenager or older - $7.25 an hour (Kaysville (Main street near Davis High))

Date: 2012-05-15, 8:39AM MDT
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General laborer needed- teenager or older

If you are a teenager or older and you are a hard worker with no criminal record, then please respond to this ad with your contact info so I can call/text you.
I need temp help moving some things to storage; if they work well, more temp work will be available later.

Please email or call 801-738-2794 with answers to the following questions:
1) What work experience do you have?
2) How close to Kaysville are you?

Note: If you call, please make sure to leave a voice mail with your answers.