Aug 23, 2006 9:30 am US/Mountain

Fresh Idea: Cheap Lodging Tips For Travelers

(KUTV) SALT LAKE CITY There may be relief for people who love to travel but don't like paying for high priced hotels. In this Fresh Idea, Michelle King shows us how to save some big bucks the next time you decide to take a trip.

When vacationing, your hotel is usually one of the biggest expenses. But there is a way to find decent accommodations without paying for pricey rooms.

Travelers overseas have been using hostels for lodging for years, but here in the states it's not as familiar.

“Lot's of travelers 50 percent I get Americans 50 percent outside of the states” said Aurther Morais, owner of The Camelot Hostel.

A hostel is a cross between a rooming house and a guest house. Since the overhead is very low, tenants rent the rooms for a fraction of a hotel room.

“This is a dorm room right here you can have up to four travelers staying here,” Marais said.

Morais is the owner of The Camelot Hostel right here in Salt Lake.

“In the winter I get a lot of skiers I also get people that are relocating or in between apartments and they just don't want to pay a lot of money,” Morais said.

People coming through The Camelot Hostel have already made reservations online and received security codes to get in ahead of time.

“I am from Canada. Vancouver, Canada,” said traveler, Jing Zhou. ”I have big plans to travel all over the states from west coast to east coast.”

Common areas in a hostel are shared and you have the choice of sharing a bedroom or having your own private room. Depending on where you are here in the United States staying in a hostel will cost you anywhere from $14 to $25 a night.

For more information about where you can find hostels all over the world visit the following websites.

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