Q: Ski tickets...I heard there is a shuttle and ski pass that's available. any details on that? or are there any discounts available for ski tickets?
A: There is a superpass that includes transportation and ski ticket and it's realy cheap http://www.visitsaltlake.com/ski_salt_lake/super_pass.html
but you can get it officialy only with some hotels.. I got mine through travelocity...it's the same pass and I am using it right now.
There is a bus stop to snowbird alta in front of the Red Lion Hotel...or you can take the TRAX to midvale and then hop into a bus to either snowbird alta or
brighton solitude; Here s the link to the travelocity site:
Ski Salt Lake Super Pass - Snowbird, Alta, Solitude and Brighton Lift Tickets
I hope this helps!
Nicolas 1-7-07