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"Contactless" Fare

UTA Ski Bus now lets you "touch and ride"

Contactless Fare

The Utah Transit Authority (UTA) is testing a new payment method that makes it quicker and easier to ride the ski bus. Beginning with the 2006-2007 ski season, UTA ski buses will be equipped with the technology to make your ride more convenient.

At the front of the bus, you'll find two electronic readers - one for "contacless" debit/credit cards and one for passes and badges.

To use your season ski pass, employee identification badge or Ski Salt Lake Super Pass, touch it to the UTA logo on the large reader and you're on your way. Each pass or badge contains embedded technology to keep track of its use.

Contactless Fare

To pay with a "contactless"* debit or credit card, touch your card to the card network logo on the smaller reader and you will automatically be charged the $3 fare. To pay for more than one fare, just make multiple touches. It's that simple.

No matter which type of card you use, you will know that your touch was successful when you get a green light and an "approved" message on the larger reader.


Ski Bus Fares:

One-way Fare / Ski Day Pass $3 / $6
The Ski Day Pass and One-way Fares are seasonal. The Ski Day Pass is valid for unlimited travel on ski buses and TRAX. The one-way cash fare is valid for travel on ski bus service to participating resorts. This pass is available at select UTA Pass outlets and on this website. (Source: http://rideuta.com/utaInfo/fares.aspx )


Downtown Ski Route is Route 95.   Route Map:  http://rideuta.com/schedulesAndMaps/routeSchedules/routeMapImage.aspx?abbreviation=95&signup=63
(Closest pickup location to the CGH and CH is in front of the Grand America/Little America Hotel)

All Ski Route schedules and maps can be found at: http://rideuta.com/schedulesAndMaps/routeSchedules/?routeGroupID=8