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"This place should be a model for hostels from coast to coast. After staying in many hostels in recent years, I find that this one here in SLC is about as close as possible to "PERFECT."
- Kevin Salyer

(Traveler from USA

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"What a gem!...I marvel that people will spend 5-10 times more for a sterile motel room with none of the conviviality and personality of a place like Camelot. If Salt Lake's on your won't do better."
- Jim Keller (Tenant from USA)
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"One of the better hostels I've been to, but at half the price!"
- James Saunderson (Traveler from Australia
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"If you are a professional do not hesitate to stay at CAMELOT HOUSE in Salt Lake City.
When there I found the house occupants to consist of lawyers, professors, graduate students, business persons, and international travelers...It is an excellent facility for the bargain rates."
- Gerald Baker
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"I must say you did a phenomenal job of providing an outstanding atmosphere and a great clientele...I made many fast friends during my stay at Camelot, friends I will have and cherish for years to come...Truth be told, I could talk for hours about the wonders of this place, and never truly do it justice."
- Matthew Deane (Tenant from New York
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"Thanks again for providing the unique environment of Camelot, which is more than just a place to stay. I've met a number of people who've become real friends and many others who are just interesting folks my life has been enriched by meeting"
Jim Keller (Tenant from USA)
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"I was in Salt Lake City for a collaboration with the University of Utah (I'm a PostDoc in Computer Science), and I found Camelot to be the right place for me: good price... good location...good cleanness and great people as roommates ...I definitely recommend it."
- Igor Melatti (PostDoc in Computer Science from Italy
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"I recently had the pleasure of spending time at the Camelot rooming house in Salt Lake City, I was working on a project for Sarcos a medical and robots research group at the Univ of Utah...The idea of spending months in a hotel just wasn't what I wanted...Knowing I was going to be near the Univ I thought I would just give it a try...So I moved in and I have to say it turned out better than I had hoped. The people were friendly the location could not have been better...It's the kind of place your mother would approve of..."
- Thomas R. Tilton
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"I definitely recommend it to anyone who needs a place to stay and can't afford staying in a motel...The staff is very kind and courteous and it's great that there is a kitchen because we got to cook homemade meals away from home."
- Adrian Meyers (Traveler
from USA)
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Monthly rates: $340/30 nights* when you book a private furnished room for thirty nights.
Weekly rates
: 10% savings and free covered parking when you book a private room and pay for seven nights at once.
Daily rates
: To get the most updated prices, click below on the book now button. Rooms are subject to availability. Book your bed before you go...

*We only offer a $340 promotional price when we have lots of vacant rooms to fill up. Some restrictions may apply.

at Camelot Guest House- 556 South 500 East, Salt Lake City, UT 84102. Check availability thru
Central, downtown location: Close to Salt Lake City's major attractions and to all the ski resorts.
Airport (about $18 taxi fare) 11 miles (18 km) Park City (Ski tickets) (Sundance) 30 miles (49 km)
Amtrak Railroad Station 1 miles (2 km) Salt Palace Convention Center 2 miles (3 km)
Bus (Ski buses) 0.1 miles (0.1 km) Snowbasin 44 miles (70 km)
Energy Solutions Arena (Delta Center) - Utah Jazz Stadium 2 miles (3 km) Snowbird 25 miles (39 km)
Greyhound Bus Station 1 miles (2 km) TRAX Light Rail (every 15 min) 0.4 miles (0.6 km)
I-15 Freeway 2 miles (3 km) Temple Square (Mormon Temple) 2 miles (3 km)
LDS Business College 2 miles (3 km) University of Utah 3 miles (5 km)
TRAX (light rail) within walking distance (3-min walk) 24-hour coin laundry with free dryer
Quick access to the freeway (3-min drive)Dorms with fewer people (two to five beds)
Location near the heart of the new downtown (2-min walk) Only guests with credit card or $50 deposit (more select clientele)
Deluxe new rooms (with latest technology)Disposable plates, cups, forks, etc. (more sanitary)
24-hour self-check-in (for online bookings only)Notebook computer rental $3/day

Property Description: You can check in at your convenience without waking up anyone in the middle of the night. We also have an onsite supervisor and manager available to help you. Camelot Guest House is located between the two one-way streets (500 South and 600 South) that take you to and from the freeways - really easy to find. We are also the owners of Camelot Inn & Hostel (1 mile away) - Please check for availability there, too. Working e-mail account required - room number and key code will be E-mailed on (or shortly before) check-in date. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club International, and USA debit cards accepted. Children are welcome as long as always accompanied by an adult when in the common areas. Fully furnished corporate housing rentals-just bring your suitcase.

Camelot Guest House is located near downtown Salt Lake City and only 10 miles (16 km) from the airport ($15 taxi fare), 1.4 miles (2.25 km) from I-15 freeway, 0.1 miles (0.16 km) from TRAX (train station), 0.1 miles (0.16 km) from bus #10, 1.7 miles (2.73 km) from Temple Square, 1.6 miles (2.57 km) from Salt Palace, 1.8 miles (2.89 km) from Greyhound bus station, 2 miles (3.22 km) from Amtrak (railroad station), and 2.1 miles (3.38 km) from University of Utah (U of U).
Situated in
a beautifully renovated Victorian home with gorgeous hallways, stairways, two kitchens, many deluxe bathrooms, large common areas, and spacious, comfortable, clean rooms. The building is new, fully automated, and modern with state-of-the-art technology (come see for yourself). The owner prefers to invest in the property instead of just taking money out of it. The building is warm; it uses radiant heating and has new double-paned windows.

Very safe - the doors are always locked; you can only get into the building with a keyless entry code. Women feel safe in this well lit building with security cameras and signs that scare away intruders. We have a safe, large, well-lit private parking lot.

This is not a youth hostel; 18 years and over are welcome. The property is close to all the city's major tourist attractions and all the ski resorts (please see chart below). There are many restaurants, supermarkets, and coffee shops in the surrounding area. Free use of linen and blankets with any booking. For the convenience of all guests there are computers with free Internet access, cable TV, telephone with free local calls, private parking, keyless entry, washer and free dryer, refrigerator, and microwave. Bicycle rental $5 (no deposit required); Notebook computer rental $3/day.

Pictures: Click on the thumbnails or links below to see more pictures and get more information.
3 min walk
Hallways and stairways
Kitchens and Laundry Room

Recreational lounge
Utility room
Grocery Store
400 South and 70+ Businesses
Trolley Square

Artesian Well Park
Liberty Park
City Library

Mailing Address: PO Box 333, Salt Lake City, Utah 84110, USA
Call or Text Message: (801) 688-6196



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